Sugoi is the original creator of Exa Reviva.

History Edit

Sugoi was a creation made from the Moon of Earth 1. She was the first mandrake, and she wanted to create and expand upon the small universe she lived in. However, after attempting to create another Earth, she realized that creating places and little beings was not a strength of hers. She had destroyed half of her body abolishing the Earth, and needed to warp herself into a cyborg to survive. So, after trial and error, she successfully made four other beings like herself that could create things for her, and the group of them went under the name Exa Reviva.

Powers Edit

Sugoi has various powers, and harnesses all the abilities she gave to the other members of Exa Reviva. However, she does not harness them well. In fact, she is so bad at her magic that it took her almost fifty tries to get all four of her companions into existence to make things for her.