Religions are quite common on Earth.

Deity-Based Religions Edit

Deity-based religions are religions that worship or trash on deities. They're both somewhat common.

  • Tegism - A religion based around the deity Tegerise, of whom is described to be a benevolent god that Tegists believe to have created the Earth.
  • Raism - A religion based around the deity Ragius, of whom is described to be a horrible and evil god. Raists believe the Earth was created to trap him in it as his eternal punishment.

Concept-Based Religions Edit

Concept-based religions don't worship or trash on any dieties, but rather ideas.

  • ??? - A religion that believes in trying to be nice to others in order to reach an unnamed eternal paradise. This religion is common.
  • Perfectionism - A religion that believes everything must be perfect and flawless, or else it is dirty and sinful. It is farily uncommon.
  • Nonism - A religion that believes that everything created itself, and explain things with science. This religion is somewhat common