Exa Reviva is a group of mandrakes created by Sugoi. They are the creators of the Earths.

History Edit

Shortly after Sugoi was created, she wanted to create and expand upon the small universe she lived in. Exa Reviva was an alias that she went by in order for her creations to be able to worship her, "Exa" being Bulgarian for her name, and "Reviva" being a warping of the Spanish word "reviva", meaning "relive". However, after attempting to create another Earth, she realized that creating places and little beings was not a strength of hers. So, after trial and error, she successfully made four other beings like herself that could create things for her. Since then, they have made many more Earths together.

Significance to Their Creations Edit

The members of Exa Reviva have only been observed by one of their creations, a wizard who was in the Void for a week without them knowing. During his stay, he recorded information about them, which he shared with the people of Earth 1. Since then, there have been various religions based around them. This makes them oddly happy.

Members Edit